MedStar Ambulance in Clinton Township has a new employee—one that provides comfort to the rest.

Roscoe, the rescued Golden Retriever-mix, spends his days at the Clinton Township location greeting the EMTs as they come and go.

MedStar adopted Roscoe last month from the non-profit dog rescue Pro-Pet-Otic Foundation in Ferndale. Director Michael James helped free Roscoe, who was chained in the backyard of a home in Boston Edison.

James says Roscoe was not very socialized and was only used to interacting with Bella, a second dog rescued from the home. After six months of rehabilitation, Roscoe was ready for his new assignment: the MedStar shop dog.

 “At the end of a difficult shift, or perhaps after a patient who we were unable to save, or after providing care that we knew could have been prevented, it’s nice to come back to the station to a cold nose and a wet kiss,” MedStar posted on their Facebook page .

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