Tri-County Times On the afternoon of May 12, 2022 Fenton police, fire, and EMS units were dispatched for a man down on the side of the road, possibly in cardiac arrest. When Fenton patrol officers Jones and Whitman arrived on location (within two minutes of being dispatched), they immediately performed CPR and updated the other responding units that the patient was in fact in cardiac arrest.

Fenton Township firefighter Craig Whitman, who lived a few houses away, also came to the scene to assist with CPR. Fenton City fire units soon arrived on scene, within six minutes of dispatch, and assumed care of the patient. Fire personnel took over CPR and placed the patient on the LUCAS device. Shortly after that, the Medstar Ambulance crew arrived along with a Genesee County Sheriff’s paramedic. An airway was established, and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was placed on the patient. One shock was delivered via the AED to the patient and a heartbeat was restored.

The patient was transported by Medstar Ambulance with assistance from the Genesee County medic to Ascension Genesys Hospital, where he was admitted to the ER and then later moved to the cardiac floor. The patient was released from the hospital after a few weeks stay.

CPR Save awards:

• Ashlyn Bell, EMT with Medstar Ambulance

• Robin Jablonski, EMT with Medstar Ambulance

In the late afternoon of Aug. 12, 2022, Fenton police, fire, and EMS units were dispatched to an address in the city for a possible cardiac arrest. A resident was calling about his neighbor that was found unresponsive and they were unsure if he was breathing. Cairnduff said 911 Dispatcher Jenelle Schkade was able to instruct the neighbor what to look for and what to do and was able to obtain information to help determine that the patient was not breathing.

Patrol officers Travis Whitman and Cole Hopkins then arrived on location and they determined the patient was in cardiac arrest and started CPR efforts. They also placed their AED on the patient and were able to shock the patient one time. Soon after, the fire department and Medstar Ambulance arrived. The patient was placed on the automated CPR device and the patient was shocked an additional three times. The responders were able to restart the patient’s heart and the patient was transported by Medstar Ambulance, with fire personnel onboard assisting, to Ascension Genesys Hospital. The patient was admitted to the ER and then transferred to the ICU. Cairnduff said the patient was able to have time with his family before eventually passing away. The patient was able to help many other patients with the gift of life organ donations.

Cairnduff said for their quick and highly trained actions that saved a person long enough to have a good-by with their family and to help so many others that were saved by the organ donations, several individuals were presented with CPR save awards and commendation bars.

CPR Save awards:

• Josh Hollister, paramedic with Medstar Ambulance

• Dominic Fornari, EMT with Medstar Ambulance

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