Community Emergency Response

Medstar paramedics and EMTs provide the highest level of care available to 911 callers throughout our nine-county service area. Working in conjunction with local first response agencies, Medstar clinicians ensure the highest level of compassion and care for all patients needing transport to local emergency departments.

Medstar provides the newest, safest fleet in the region, and equips all of our personnel and vehicles with state-of-the-art clinical and safety equipment. After an $8.5 million investment in an expanded fleet in 2019, all Medstar ambulance have full data and video playback capability and communicate second-by-second GPS, speed, vehicle operating status, and safety equipment use back to our dispatch center for data retention.

Map of Michigan Service Areas: Bay Eaton Clinton Ingham Macomb Wayne Oakland Lapeer Genesee

Clinically Advanced Emergency Care

At Medstar, we provide our personnel with frequent and rigorous training, the most advanced life-saving equipment and the newest, safest vehicles in the state.

As a result of the leadership of our Emergency Physician Leadership Committee, Medstar EMTs and Paramedics receive the most innovative medical direction and engagement in the region, as well as the most interactive quality review and recognition.

Our leadership team is based in Southeast Michigan, and our focus is on advancing the emergency care and safe transportation of patients throughout our service area. We live, work, and raise our families in our service area, and the patients we serve are often family, friends, or friends of family. We don’t wait for out of state leaders to make decisions about what our patients, communities, and healthcare facilities need, and our investments in our personnel, clinical equipment, and vehicles are not dependent on similar concerns in other states.

Because our leadership is local and focused on providing the best care only in our service area, our team members receive frequent feedback and engagement with our leadership, as well as pride in local engagement, local care, and local recognition.

The Medstar Difference

At Medstar, we believe in providing transparency, value, and clearly communicating our performance metrics so that our patients, communities, and partner health systems can easily understand how care benefits them.

Whenever possible, we use external validation for performance metrics. The care and compassion provided by Medstar personnel are demonstrated by the feedback we receive from our patients, elected officials and healthcare facility leadership.


The average age of a Medstar ambulance is 2.2 years. Medstar does not rechassis or remount old boxes. We expect our personnel to provide the best and safest care for the patients we serve, and we are committed to equipping them with the best and safest equipment.


The Medstar SWAT team is comprised of Medstar paramedics who actively train with the Macomb County Sheriffs Office for tactical EMS support for the countywide SWAT team. One of the only fully armed and weapon-equipped teams in the state, the Medstar team participates in monthly training with our law enforcement partners, as well as live firearms range training each month. Our team trains annually in Alpena and has completed training in Anniston, Alabama.

During callouts, the Medstar Tactical Team assumes forward a position immediately outside of the point of entry. If an officer requires care beyond the point of entry, our tactical teams enter the hot zone, provides care, and moves the injured officer for further treatment.

Medstar has provided and maintains a specially equipped ambulance for SWAT team operations.