Deployment Manager Dan Gernand

Medstar, Michigan’s largest EMS and mobile healthcare provider, announces the promotion of Dan Gernand to Deployment Manager. In this role, Dan will oversee the make-ready function and clinical fleet logistics, ensuring vehicle readiness, fleet safety, and consistent deployment processes for clinical teams at the start and end of their shifts. 

“Dan has been a dedicated team member at Medstar for over twenty-one years, starting his career as a paramedic, advancing into supervision, and investing additional time into our driver’s training program and culture of safety,” said Medstar CEO Kolby Miller. “We are fortunate to have Dan dedicate his career to providing care and service to the patients and personnel we serve and know Dan will thrive in this new role.”   

Dan has over 25 years of experience in EMS. He attended Western Michigan University before switching his career to prehospital care.

 “I feel lucky to be chosen for this promotion and to work at a company that rewards longevity and hard work,” Gernand said on Monday. “In this position, I will be able to combine my operations background with my deployment knowledge to enhance and improve our systems and performance metrics. In this new undertaking, I can support our EMTs and paramedics on a larger scale, which will be incredibly rewarding.”

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