ABC 12 — ”It’s not a vaccine, but it builds up the immune system so the patient or the person who is exposed can safely get through whatever period that is,” said Medstar Ambulance CEO Kolby Miller.

A Mid-Michigan ambulance company is changing the way COVID-19 patients are treated.

Most people think the only way treatment can happen is at the hospital, but with this new service from Medstar Ambulance, patients don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own home.

The service is a monoclonal antibody treatment. It’s a one time, 30 minute IV treatment paramedics can administer through a referral from a patient’s primary care doctor.

These paramedics with Medstar Ambulance in Genesee County are on their way to administer a monoclonal antibody treatment to a patient with COVID-19.

“It’s valuable for patient who either have COVID and shouldn’t be around other people that don’t want to go to the doctor’s office or treatment center — but need some support while they’re battling the virus,” said Miller.

He said that the new service is a natural fit.

Medstar has had a mobile health paramedic program for the last four to five years.

“The program started working on hospital re-admission prevention, so we would see patients after they would discharge that had a high probability of going back into the hospital, and we would take care of them in their home so they wouldn’t need to go back,” said Miller.

The way the service works — patients see their primary care provider — who then can authorize or refer them to Medstar.

Medstar then contacts the patient to set up a date and time.

The treatment is 30 minutes long followed by a 1 hour waiting period to check for any adverse reactions.

“Sometimes the relief — if they’re a COVID patient with symptoms — the relief is almost instant for some patients,” said Miller.

He said that the service is just a part of the transformation going forward in the medical industry of how patients are treated.

No longer do patients have to be in a hospital or clinical setting. They can be in the comfort of their own home.

“We’re extending the traditional reach of EMS providers into the home in a way that prevents the emergency before it happens,” said Miller.

He said that the response so far has been positive.

The service is currently offered in Genesee, Oakland, Lapeer, Macomb and Bay counties.

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