Today, we recognize Paramedic Rick Hyde, EMT Sedrick Fornari, and EMT Jade Bennett. The crew was dispatched to an 89 year old female patient in the city of Flint having breathing problems. Upon the crew arrival, the patient was moved to the floor and found to have no pulse. Cardiac compressions were initiated, and the patient was placed on a cardiac monitor that showed a lethal heart rhythm. An IV was started and resuscitation medications were administered.

The patients heart responded to the compressions and medication, the patient had stong pulses upon arrival at McLaren Flint. The patient was discharged home a few days later with no neurologic deficits and has made a full recovery!!! Jade was orienting as a new member of the Medstar team, and was very helpful to Rick and Sedrick.

Great job Rick, Sedrick, and Jade!

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